Lamp Shade in Small Black, Yellow and Grey Geometrical Pattern


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  • Product Description

      The secret weapon for interior designers is "texture, texture and texture"!

      So we were super excited to find this rather lush fabric from Harlequin. the perfect tool to bring texture into our homes.

      Black and grey threads interweave in a regular pattern on the surface of the lampshade and gives it that sought after three dimensional feel.

      A little dash of yellow/citrus colour brings the whole design alive.

      • As each shade is made just for you in mind, we select the best part of this designer fabric to cut your shade from.

      • That means that each shade is unique and the product image here represents just one of these shades.

      All our lamp shades are bonded on PVC and meet the glow wire test.

      We recommend not to reuse your old stock of light bulbs. The low  energy light bulbs by definition use less energy, so great for the environment and as they are cool to the touch there is no risk of scorching the shade or the ceiling if you use this as a pendant.


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