Handwoven Ceiling Pendant Shade, Disc - Toby in Teal and Rust


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      Infinitively stylish, with muted and complimentary colours Toby plays with Scandi trends and vintage under notes. 


      Texture, colour and geometric shapes are at the core of this collection of individual or grouped ceiling lamp shades.

      We have worked and reworked techniques, experimented with shapes and sizes and researched and sourced the right yarn to be kind to the environment and kind to our hands too!

      We would be lying to say that these shades don’t demand a lot of accurate and methodical work and as such take an incredible amount of time to create. But for us the process is both exhilarating and cathartic in equal measure. We love the tactile feel of the wool, the rhythmic weaving of the frame and we can’t stop ourselves  imagining which room they will be chosen for and who they will delight!

      We have grown so attached to them and so have given them each a names.  Lola and Her Friends embody tons of personality, each with a cheeky individual twist and all exuberant and tremendously joyful. Their strong aesthetic appeal by day is magnified by night when their shadows cast a mesmerising glow.


      SIZES: Toby measures 41cm widest measurement and 22cm high.

      WHAT BULB TO USE: Wool is naturally fire resistant. However, please only use energy saving light bulbs, this way you will be helping the environment too. LEDs are super energy efficient, cold to the touch and last for many years, so ideal for these shades. The light bulb you chose should not directly touch any of the fibres. Not all LEDs are dimmable.

      HOW TO HANG TOBY: super easy to hang straight from your ceiling pendant flex, you wont need an electrician before you enjoy the full pleasure of this lamp shade.

      Before hanging your shade, please fit the spider shade holder between the screw parts of your pendant ceiling light fitting. (Please see photo in the product photo carousel). Carefully balance the shade onto the shade holder ensuring it doesn't catch  any of the threads and finally add the light bulb.

      HOW TO CARE FOR TOBY: We have found the best way to dust these ceiling shades is with a soft feather duster, being carefully not to catch and miss align the threads.

       AVAILABILITY: We try to have one available at all time, however as the process of making these shades is quite lengthy, there might be a delay. We will keep you informed as to the time scale. 

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