The Zzini story

After over a decade as an interior designer (Zzinidesign) and working with fabulous fabrics, I felt it was time to get in touch with my creative self and work on my own range of luxury products.  

ZziniHome was born out of a desire to bring designer fabrics, vintage trends and lots of colour to the eclectic, sustainable home of today.   

No question:  restyling furniture is a great way of using resources already out there and at the same time reinstating great furniture design. But what interests me most is how to make these pieces relevant and desirable to our modern life and living. 

 Selected pieces of re-styled furniture can be viewed on // or at the pop up shows listed. 

Sustainability goes both ways, and whilst I'm using vintage furniture, I am also making new products that generate their own waste.  It is with this in mind that I offer a wide range of products and sizes for cushions and lampshades.

Often off cuts will inspire a new range of products, such as fabric screens, occasional tables, stools and benches. It’s funny how when you set parameters to work within, you start thinking outside the box and creativity takes hold.

 In an attempt to reduce waste and avoid single use plastic (bubble wrap, air pillows or packaging peanuts,) our DEFAULT PACKAGING will use our perfectly clean offcuts (foam and wadding) as protective layers in our recyclable card boxes.

However, I fully understand if you prefer conventional packaging and protective layers for your delivery but, in that case, would ask you please to email with your choice at the time of purchase.

Whenever possible, I love to buy British fabric and collaborate with British fabric designer.

 I’m always glad to take commissions for lampshades, benches and stools, which can be made from your own fabric and to your own measurements. If you have wooden furniture you would like restyled, please don't hesitate to contact me on