The Zzini story

I'm Francesca Alden and I have launched ZziniHome after over a decade as an interior designer.  My passion for colours, fabrics and stylish designs drove me to create my own range of luxury products for the home.

I have always been drawn to brights tones and an eclectic look that responds and reflects my personality. There's no denying, my upbringing in Italy had something to do with this!

By definition in Italy, the country of sun and heat, colours are supremely vibrant and exquisitely saturated. Ironically, the Italian household shuns colour as it opts for the more cooler white tones. Shutters not curtains, keep the heat out.

In contrast, our beautiful green uk, often overcast and grey, is the perfect backdrop for home products brimming with vibrant colours; nourishing our spirit!

Arguably colour is not everything, I choose fabrics based on their stylish design,  cherish the quirky patterns and I'm bold over by creative use of colour. 

You will see that my shop has a huge range of fabrics waiting to be transformed into stunning lamp shades, every single one I would have in my own home.  I designed benches and stools which combine the coveted Scandi feel and are super useful to have around and I'm hoping shortly to launch my own range of cushions.

For now, enjoy browsing and if nothing else leave with a smile on your face!

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