Lamp Shade in an exquisite Designer Paper full of Blossom, Buds and Leaves


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      Exuding freshness and joyful summer blossom, this lamp shade is sure to bring a smile and is a must for any corner that needs livening up!

      Warm tones and flowing watercolours have been skilfully mastered  making this paper pretty much a work of art!

      The matt finish of the paper is a huge attribute.

      • There is considerable skill in using a paper rather than fabric, and this makes for a more prestigious product.
      • Each lamp shade is made uniquely for you. We will be carefully selecting parts of the design so no one shade is exactly the same.
      • the photo should be taken as a representation of one of these selections. If you would like to preview the exact part of the design, we will be very happy to do so. 

      This paper will be bonded on PVC and is has passed the glow wire test.  Please use low energy light bulbs, to help the environment and prevent any scorching of the shade or of your own surfaces.



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