SoloStool in a lush burnt orange velvet


  • Product Description

      The SoloStool is a versatile stool in a stylish and super soft velvet fabric.

      Grab it to go at the table when you have more friends than chairs, or tuck it under a desk or dressing table.

      Space saving solution or a cool way to sit your crowd around the table, how will you use your SoloStool?

      SoloStool came about just like that. As a growing family we love our get togethers but found 14 chairs impossible to get around the table. There had to be a cool way to get us all together without compromising on comfort, quality and style.

       Designed to work with today’s interior colours, SoloStools add texture, colour and character to whichever room they are in. Using  some of the best designer fabrics around plus copious amounts of soft foam and wadding, they will bring a smile to your face and comfort to your friends and family.

      Most people can’t believe how comfortable this SoloStool is. We are not surprised as we have picked the best foam for comfort and super softness. 

      The hair pin legs top the style with cool mid century flair.

      Total height of the SoloStool is 51cm and the seat has a diameter of 40cm.

      Use it without legs for a cool floor seat, or yoga perch.


  • Product Details

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