How to make good interior decisions

Cluster of sparkles black beads


Catch that magpie!

If like me, you are dazzled by colour and pattern and have a bit of a thing with impulsive buying, fear not, this can turn into a beautiful experience and a stunning home!

✔️ First piece of advice: Trust your instincts.

If are drawn to an interior accessory, piece of furniture or maybe even a piece of art, don’t hesitate. Go for it!

Yes I know I would say that, but really what stirs you is always worthy of a place in your home, what’s more it’s unlikely to be sitting on shelf just for you to take your time. Someone else with butterflies in their tummy will have snatched it before you know it!

✔️ Next: see it as a journey. Every journey has a starting point.  

Use your art or accessory as a spring board.

The more colours your accessory, furniture or art has, the easier it is to draw out other colours to play with, giving you that coveted cohesive look.

✔️ Look at the range of colours you could be playing with on this DueBench. 


✔️ Don’t forget pattern. Indulge with abandonment. No rules apply, just mix geometric, floral, abstract and plains and have no fear in layering pattern upon pattern. We are living in a maximalist era and we should make the most of it, before it swings back to minimalism 😳.

Like all journeys coming to an end, start planning for the next venture into the world of colour and pattern, you won’t regret it. Keep life exciting! ✔️








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