Have a sneaky feeling greys are on their way out?

Three different shots of interiors. First one dark emerald walls, second a dark chocolate dresser and third one a beige chimney breast.

Isn’t it pretty incredible how grey has taken hold of our hearts and swept through our homes? I challenge anyone to admit not having at least one element of grey in their home. Mine is a full on grey kitchen

Want to know why grey is everywhere? Easy: it’s versatile, stylish and really easy to live with.

So why do you have that niggling feeling that grey might be on its way out and what can we do to keep it fresh?

It’s true to say that interior magazines and designers have moved from greys to the sultry darker tone of navy and emerald through to the beiges and muted pinks and even dark chocolate tones but I for one have yet to discover a tone that is as versatile as grey. So here’s the good news.

Follow my top tips below and you can keep your grey giving you lots of pleasure for year to come!

Top Tips To keep grey fresh! 

For the muted and toned look, pick up on the soft pinks and beige trend, there are lots of home accessories in these tones at the moment, so make the most of it.

For a bit of a punchier look, go for those strong accents. Greens and oranges are super hot at the moment. Teals are still out there and oh my, yellows.

We have an insatiable appetite for yellow, just can’t get enough of it!

 Remember, to achieve a scheme that is kind on the eye and easy to live with, mix your punchy colour with a smattering of other brights. So by all means buy a yellow cushion but then pair it with another cushion that might have other colours in it too.

 Play with your brights of choice and lead the eye around the room. This will give you lots of interest and not isolate the colour to just one spot.


Here are a few brands that I love the most and would absolutely have in my own home.


To recap, your grey is a blank canvas, build it up with texture, colour or pattern but don’t be afraid to make small changes to keep your look fresh and on trend!





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